Grab a pint and let us introduce ourselves.

Exploring Homebrew is the brainchild of a few parents from the inaugural class of Explore! Community School in Nashville, Tenn. In 2016, the group aspired to create an event that would promote the school, be fun for parents and community members to attend, and raise much-needed funds to support the operations of the school.

This innovative homebrew event was the first of its kind in Tennessee. Homebrewers from across middle Tennessee donate their best brew for event. Event goers enjoy unlimited tasting pours and vote for their favorite brews, ultimately determining the homebrew winners for the evening. 

Over the last 4 years, Exploring Homebrew has grown to host approximately 20 brewers and over 30 beers each year, donating over $18,000 to the school. Exploring Homebrew has become a respected event among middle Tennessee brewers and a much-anticipated night out for supporters of Explore! Community School.

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